Why aged people lot of time says time has changed?-Seshagiri Rao Tipirneni


Technological innovations, new modern thinking of people, age difference between us and them or anything else what is the reason they say this many times?

Times have really changed and changed for good.

The Indian per capita GDP in 1979 was $ 114 when India's population stood at 555 millions and it rose to $ 2014 in 2019 with a population of 1350 millions. Even after giving allowance of inflation in terms of U.S. dollars which ofcourse was not as high as Indian rupee, the per capita GDP rose by 15 times. ( in absolute terms it is over 17 times).where as population did witness an increase of 2.43 times. In real terms per capita GDP has gone up by 36 times.

If you look at 1970s scenario, majority of people were living in thatched houses or houses without concrete roofs. Running water was rare and treated water was unavailable for most of population. Minimum sanitation facilities were not available and private toilets were a taboo. Many villages were not electrified.School going children were limited and college education was minimal. Illiterates were many. Industries were less in number and jobs were scarce.

These times have witnessed great change and majority of population has been endowed with better living conditions.Most of the hardships encountered by the previous generation have vanished. Technology has undergone sea change and many inventions like internet, cell phone have transformed the way of life.

But only one regret, people have become more materialistic and values of life have changed. To day each and every thing including social autrocities and even a democratic vote have a price. Settlement of sin by compensating in terms of money to the victims of their kins is not treated as out of the way.

Senior citizens who had their prime in 1970s appreciate the materialistic advancement of the current generation. But they refer to the changed values politely as changed times.

Seshagiri Rao Tipirneni

Critic of Political and Social Systems


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